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day permlink Sunday, 5 February 2006

permlink Super Bowl XL

Since I had the night off from BlueLine, I'm watching a little bit of the Super Bowl. Random notes:

  • I totally don't buy the Steelers' "touchdown" just before the half; the replay made it look completely bogus. Then again, I'm no football expert.
  • The Rolling Stones only played two songs.. they actually sounded much better than I expected. I can no longer hear "Satisfaction" without flashing on the Doonesbury from several years ago where it comes on the radio, Mike tells someone (his kid?) how rebellious a song the "oldie" was when released and the kid looks around and interjects "What, am I in an elevator here?"
  • As a casual viewer, it annoys me afresh every time that the last "10 minutes" of a game can last a half hour or more of actual time. It's like having a guaranteed rain delay in every important baseball game; it's very lame. Yay for TiVo.
  • I didn't even try hard to look for any good ads; the only ones that jumped out in my skimming were Leonard Nimoy's 'nanoo' ad and the return of MacGyver. Plus the one where you want a new job because all your coworkers and bosses are chimps, but that's a classic already anyway.
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