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day permlink Friday, 25 November 2005

permlink Thanksgiving '05 II

On a less frivolous note, and keying off of Medley's Thankful post:

This year I'm thankful as ever to be married to my creative, capable, loving and understanding wife.

I also remain thankful that I get to make my living solving puzzles that are mostly interesting and/or worthwhile .. rather than, say, shoveling breakfast cereal off a factory floor or rearranging items on grocery shelves. Not that that money didn't spend okay at the time..

I'm thankful for the bottomless supply of adorable pictures and video clips that our local celebrity Tai Shan continues to provide. Medley grabbed a great recent Panda pic from the Post.. don't you just want to grab him, scrub his head and say "Who's a big fuzzy BEAR?" You'd surely get several lacerations from him, but still... he's been a great source of amusement around town, which we can always use.

I'm glad there'll be baseball in DC again next year, though I have no idea if we'll be able to see much of it on TV (I've lost track of that thread and am just hoping for the best).

More thankfulness ahead as the spirit strikes. permlink   Meta   0 comment(s)   Add a comment...

permlink Thanksgiving '05

We had a very fine Thanksgiving yesterday (see a few pics from Medley here). Plenty of very fine people, plenty of very fine food, and many very fine, filling desserts.

John again brought several varieties of beer for tasting, which is reinforcing Thanksgiving as the day of every year when I drink the most beer (i.e. three or four little sample cups).

We did a brined turkey a la Good Eats again, and I repeated last year's wild rice/dried fruit pilaf (with some extra fruit & pecans this time, and a bit less liquid). Some recipes evolved unpredictably through the day, as often seems to happen (and the turkey was done very early, which is unusual), but it all came out fine in the end. Lyn's experimental blackberry pie was a notable success.

Been subsisting today on leftover turkey (which isn't dry -- yay for brining), stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, wild rice, pie, and dark chocolate pecan bark. It's a rough life, eh. permlink   Meta   0 comment(s)   Add a comment...

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