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day permlink Friday, 7 October 2005

permlink Linkstack

I've long wanted to add something like Anil's Daily Links (now offline) -- a quick easy way to link stuff with a brief note or at least an implied "Indeed" -- but I've never gotten around to setting up a proper second-blog-which-renders-in-the-sidebar-of-the-main-blog.

I'm still not getting around to that, because it still sounds like work. Instead I'm taking the half-as-good route, adding the most recent N links I've gathered via to the top of the page. If you're reading this in a feed and don't see the top of the screen, here's the here's the linkstack archive and here's the feed-of-only-links.

Medley has her Furled links in her sidebar, but she also writes a lot more frequently than I have been, so that makes sense. Based on the principle that the most-frequently-changed items should be at the top of the page, in my case it means these links get top billing. For now. Cuz I add to that about seven times more often than I post.

Anyhow, that's what that is if you were wondering (or if you've never seen it because I only live in your RSS reader). It may not last in its current form, but it's better than nothing. Suggestions welcome. permlink   Meta   0 comment(s)   Add a comment...

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