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day permlink Thursday, 11 August 2005

permlink Vacation in Lexington VA

We just spent a relaxing few days in Lexington, VA on a short vacation. To remind myself as much as to recommend to others, here are some things that were good:
  • Rockbridge Vineyard - reasonable prices, interesting variety (including a Virginia icewine)
  • Buffalo Springs Herb Farm (near the vineyard) - fascinating garden & shop.
  • House Mountain Inn (a B&B a little over 20 minutes from town) - built recently on a mountainside; excellent view. Daily wine & cheese break in addition to breakfast. Secluded, but still has wireless internet. :)
  • The Willson-Walker House Restaurant; we had the porkchop and the duck and liked both. Unlike some other places on the trip, they also had good coffee.
    As a great local touch, they used items from Biscotti Goddess in Charlottesville. The ingredient list on the biscotti was completely made of nice short words like 'wheat', 'eggs', 'almonds' and 'honey'. Tasty & Recommended.
  • Sweet Things (homemade ice cream shoppe on Washington).
These things were very good:
  • Theater at Lime Kiln - The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey. A funny & dramatic show with three very talented actors in a fascinating outdoor space; I hope to put up a more detailed review soon. It's being put on through August 27; if you're going to be anywhere near Lexington between now & then, grab up some tickets (they're pretty cheap).
  • Carriage Tour of Historic Lexington. Learned a lot about the city, including how various parts of town have been burned down repeatedly... I still don't get the reverence given to the losing side of a moral war over a hundred years later (Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson had homes here).. but I sure do get that that reverence is still going strong.
  • Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company on Highway 60 (they also do online orders!). Awesome selection of truffles & bark & other less-interesting chocolate products; very tasty dark chocolate. I particularly recommend the dark almond bark; we're still working our way through the truffles we bought, so I can't report on them yet. :)
On the downside, Tuscany Italian Restaurant on N. Main Street was just so-so. And it was near-raining for pretty much the whole trip. And L stomped me at Scrabble. :) But those are all minor things.

On the whole, a very nice getaway (and, we worked on the redesign of a certain weblog that's been missing/hiding at a misnamed URL for some time's looking mighty nice and should be back within a week, or two, or maybe three..). permlink   Travel / Unpaid Endorsements   3 comment(s)  
Really?!? A new design is finally forthcoming? I've been biting my tongue about how far past the expiry date that thing is . . . ;-) Glad to hear y'all had a good time on your trip. I know that was one badly-needed vacation!
      ...posted by Knotted Knickers on August 11, 2005 2:23 PM
Which biscotti is the best?
      ...posted by fin on August 14, 2005 4:51 PM
fin: I've only had the Vanilla Almond biscotti; it was good.
      ...posted by Steve B. on August 20, 2005 11:03 PM
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