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day permlink Friday, 5 August 2005

permlink Scharffen Berger bought out - uh oh

Via GirlHacker: Hershey is going gourmet / Candy giant buys Berkeley chocolatier Scharffen Berger
Scharffen Berger, a Berkeley company that specializes in premium dark chocolates, will continue making its products as normal but said it will have greater access to resources and growth opportunities by joining forces with Hershey.
That's what they all say...

Scharffen Berger is awesome chocolate, with the darker versions best eaten slooow and savored. [This endorsement was unsolicited and unpaid.]

The ideal outcome would be replacing Hershey's existing chocolates with SB up and down the line.. but that would probably wipe out their margins. permlink   Unpaid Endorsements   2 comment(s)  
What a horrifying thought! The pain! Must go stock up on Scharffen Berger quickly!
      ...posted by Mrs. NowThis on August 5, 2005 8:32 AM
We drove through Hershey, PA recently, and decided to stop in the town to see if there was a factory there. We were suprised by the Disney-like set up they've got, with multiple sites (?sights) to see and all kinds of hard-to-find Hershey's flavors. Not exactly the quaint factory we were hoping for, but quite a sight.

We enjoyed stopping at the Russell Stover outlet store better, buying Easter candy for 80-90% off. But still nothing like the fine chocolate you mention (ignorance is bliss for us!).

      ...posted by Chris on August 5, 2005 11:51 AM
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