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day permlink Monday, 7 February 2005

permlink About that 'Napster To Go' Superbowl ad

Daring Fireball: Magic 8-Ball Answers Your Questions Regarding the 'Napster To Go' Subscription Service
The problem with Real’s Harmony propaganda was that it was based on the idea that the only way to get music onto an iPod was to buy proprietary DRM music from the iTunes Music Store, ignoring the fact that the iPod and iTunes easily work with unprotected music ripped from CDs.
... My question is, isn’t Napster doing the same thing, with its silly “Do the math” claim that it would cost $10,000 to “fill” an iPod? I mean, yes, if you wanted to fill a 40 GB iPod only using songs purchased from iTMS, yes, it would cost $10,000. But it’s a ridiculous comparison, because no one is doing that.


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