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day permlink Sunday, 11 April 2004

permlink Nifty image-processing tech

Nifty new application for camera-phones: given the location of your cell-tower and a photo of nearby buildings, your location can be pinpointed and directions given:

New Scientist: Photo recognition software gives location
You are lost in a foreign city, you don't speak the language and you are late for your meeting. What do you do? Take out your cellphone, photograph the nearest building and press send.

For a small fee, photo recognition software on a remote server works out precisely where you are, and sends back directions that will get you to your destination. That, at least, is what two researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK hope their software will one day be used for...

... The database contains a three-dimensional representation of the real-life street, so the software can work out where the user is standing to within one metre.
Click on their sidebar graphic for some clues as to how it works. Neat. permlink  

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