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day permlink Saturday, 2 August 2003

permlink Playing Seabiscuit

I haven't seen Seabiscuit yet; those who have may be interested in this profile of the horse in the movie, Fighting Furrari:

Finally, A Starring Role (
Now he's making publicity appearances to promote the film. And, according to reports from the people around him, he loves his new career.

...[Trainer Rusty] Hendrickson assembled 10 Seabiscuits and sought to identify the traits and skills in each that could be useful in different segments of the film. Finders Key ... was adept at bucking and rearing as the hard-to-control Seabiscuit in the early stages of the story. I Two Step Too ... could accelerate for short bursts, and he was the star when Seabiscuit was accelerating past his competition.

But it was Fighting Furrari who had the most all-around talent as an actor. ... Whenever Tobey Maguire, who played jockey Red Pollard, was seen on Seabiscuit, the horse was Fighting Furrari.

...His only failing as an actor was the failing he exhibited as an athlete. Hendrickson observed that Fighting Furrari got winded from hard exertion.
The Seabiscuit producer and her husband have adopted him; he'll be a riding horse for their daughters. permlink  

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