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day permlink Tuesday, 29 July 2003

permlink Where the new Powerbooks are

It's just a Mac rumor site, but this explanation strikes me as plausible: AppleInsider: Motorola Behind New PowerBook, iMac Delays?
Speedier versions of all PowerBook models exist and have been expected since late June, but have yet to surface.

According to sources, all models of the PowerBook G4 are to be brought up to specification with the current 17" PowerBook. These alterations include the addition of FireWire 800 to the 12" and 15" models, as well as wireless BlueTooth and AirPort Extreme technology to the 15" inch configuration.

.."Motorola promised Apple sufficient quantities of the 7457 by mid-May 2003 but they have yet to deliver on these claims," one source told AppleInsider... While Apple has PowerBook G4 units ranging from 1GHz to 1.3GHz ready for production, their supply of 7457 chips has been far short of what would be required to back a new product launch.

Numerous reports from reliable sources indicate that Apple had originally hoped to launch the new PowerBooks during its World Wide Developers Conference in late June. Once these plans were foiled, the company took aim at a Macworld New York introduction a month later. Again, a lack of PowerPC 7457 chips was said to spoil the party.
In the end, of course, I don't care why the delay, I just want it to be over. Put a less-fabulous chip in it if you have to, but update the dadblasted 15" PowerBook. This is just sad. permlink     3 comment(s)  
I guess it all depends on when you want to buy the 15". I'm in no immediate rush, so while delays are never good, I'd rather they get it "right" than rush out something mediocre. The last thing I want to do is buy something with yesterday's chip and with lots of bugs or design problems (which are often seen when a new design first comes out).
      ...posted by Chris on July 31, 2003 8:28 AM
Oh- I forgot to say: This may all still be just due to the fact that they still have a lot of TiBooks to unload. The recent price drop would seem to back that up (that they weren't getting rid of them fast enough before the price drop).
      ...posted by Chris on July 31, 2003 8:30 AM
OK, now I'm ready to buy one, and I'm impatient too. :-)
      ...posted by Chris on August 23, 2003 9:26 AM
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