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day permlink Wednesday, 16 July 2003

permlink NASA probe - Columbia crew lived another minute

The NASA probe has come up with more conclusions:

Crew of Columbia Survived a Minute After Last Signal [NY Times]
The Columbia astronauts lived for almost a minute after their final communication with mission control, well after signs that the craft was in serious trouble, investigators at NASA and the Columbia Accident Investigation Board said yesterday.

...NASA is planning to disclose more information soon about the fate of the crew, drawing from analysis of debris, information on where the debris was found and data from an on-board data recorder, according to people involved in the investigation.

While some news reports after the Feb. 1 accident suggested that the astronauts died as soon as the shuttle broke apart, the space agency and the investigation board have been circumspect about any such details. Even in the hangar at the Kennedy Space Center, the debris from the crew cabin is laid out separately in a private area, and officials have promised to not disclose what they characterize as morbid details. Records indicate, though, that the crew capsule would have been severely buffeted, and the crew was aware of sensor readings indicating major problems.
I don't like to think about that, even for the few minutes I'm reading the article... I feel for the people who have to investigate it day in and day out. permlink  

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