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day permlink Tuesday, 24 June 2003

permlink Now Dean

Now, Dean: I tell you three things today. I will elaborate as time marches on.
  1. I believe the Bush-Cheney administration has put the United States on the completely wrong track in a myriad of ways, some quite dangerous.
  2. I believe that Howard Dean is the best candidate to run against Bush when it comes to substance: Dean's policies are moderate enough to appeal to a large portion of the population, and his record and rhetoric are energizing.
  3. I believe that Howard Dean also has the best chance to defeat Bush when it comes to campaigning: he is able to argue more forcefully for his positions and communicate his principles more concisely than the other candidates, and he does not let conservatives or the media twist the terms of debate on every issue to their advantage.
I encourage you to investigate Dean on your own and take any media characterizations of him (or his chances) with two grains of salt; he is not as easily pigeonholed as they would like, and he is gathering a widespread base of support many months before the first primary (as opposed to McCain, who wasn't prepared to capitalize on winning New Hampshire).

And remember: no candidate is perfect. Dean, however, has persuaded me to actively support him and participate rather than just observe and lament the whole mess from afar.

I also encourage all to read Medley's endorsement, which is much more fleshed out than mine.

Other places to learn more: If you find yourself liking Dean as a candidate, consider donating money before June 30; the money tallies of this quarter will make a large difference in who can afford to stay in the race, and the FEC will match your funds, doubling their effectiveness.

I belong to no party; the rest of the Democratic field is uninteresting to me, and I'm even a political junkie.

Howard Dean is the one. Go Dean. permlink     1 comment(s)  
thanks for participating! =) very well put.
      ...posted by anna on June 24, 2003 7:57 PM
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