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day permlink Wednesday, 6 November 2002

permlink New Apple toys

On the brighter side, Apple fakes out the rumor sites and updates the PowerBook to 1 GHz with a DVD burner. They said it couldn't happen yet... Also, the newer faster iBook's price has gone down across all configurations. Woo.

Update: MacCentral article with specifics: Apple intros 1GHz SuperDrive PowerBooks, new iBooks permlink  

permlink Election wrap

Well, that was disheartening.

So much for divided government. So much for checks and balances. A one-party government is scary no matter what the party.
From MyDD: Obviously, Democrats number less then 50%, but the thing you notice about the media's endorsement of the Republicans "mandate" is how it translates into their feeling they are 100% right, and anything else is 100% wrong. The Democrats are not in a huge minority. It's a 3 seat deficit in the Senate, and a 13 seat deficit in the House.

Republicans are going to act like they won 100-0, and they are going to govern like they won 100-0. The only question is, will the Democrats put up more than half a fight?
The funny thing is, this time the Republicans have clear victories with large margins they can point to (instead of winning by -543,895 (+534) votes in 2000), so arguably they have more reason to consider this victory a mandate than when Bush started his term. Like I said: funny.
From Talking Points Memo: The reaction among professional Democrats is one of profound shock. And a lot of heads are going to roll over this. Starting at the DNC, moving on to the leadership on the Hill, and likely spreading out from there.
I'm sure the Wellstone Memorial Rally didn't help matters. Schmucks.

Oh, and I did vote Yes on the VA tax thing, and it lost anyway. Gridlock, sweet gridlock.

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Agreed, what a dark day. And true, that Wellstone memorial/rally cannot have helped things. What a dumb, irreverent move. (McAuliffe's idea?) But the walkout and subsequent whining was rather small-minded too.

BTW, That beloved southpaw Wellstone is right. No War in Iraq! We don't need to give terrorists another reason to target Americans and our children! And for what? The right to carve up Iraq's oil booty? Shame! As one who marched and chanted in 1991, the "no blood for oil" chant was a bit off mark last time. GHw Bush showed restraint and maturity. This time, though it's right on target. What threat!? Where!?
      ...posted by Dave T. on November 22, 2002 1:29 PM
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