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day permlink Thursday, 17 October 2002

permlink John Leonard on Red Dragon

From John Leonard's review of Red Dragon (on "CBS Sunday Morning"):
Like the Jolly Green Giant, the Flying Nun, and the Energizer Bunny, Hannibal the Cannibal has become an icon, a brand name and a franchise. At last week's preview of Red Dragon ... we laughed as much as we screamed. And now I'm supposed to talk about the production values of sexual mutilation and multiple murder. What on earth is wrong with us?

...but [original adaptation] Manhunter also starred moody environments instead of blood and gore, because director Michael Mann was after something subtler than flinch and retch. Whereas the brand new version of Red Dragon -- while not quite as gross as the previous Hannibal -- is intrepidly vulgar. Nothing is left to our imaginations because we are assumed not to have one.
John Leonard rules. permlink  

permlink anti-telemarketing script

Heh: anti-telemarketing counterscript. permlink  

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