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day permlink Tuesday, 14 May 2002

permlink xserve

Then, without much warning, the demand for an entire company's product line went poof. Apple's Xserve is a G4 Mac OS X server with lots of trimmings, fitting in a 1U space, starting at $3K.

Looks sweet; I don't ever foresee having a use for one myself, but I know lots of folks do. permlink  

permlink sw tix

We have our tickets for an opening-weekend showing of Episode II. I've heard plenty of lukewarm reviews, especially of the dialogue, and Hayden Christiansen doesn't seem to me like he could ever become Vader from the weak clips that I've seen. But the action-filled last half has plenty of buzz...

I think my expectations have been lowered enough that I'll really enjoy it. permlink  

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