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day permlink Thursday, 25 April 2002

permlink bickford qotd

(still moving deliberately after morning tai chi)
Max: I am breathing through my ears.
Andrea: I am hearing with my toes... I am seeing with my breaths.
Jerry: (poses) I am the Heisman trophy.

Jerry: Now that we've had tai chi, let's go have some chai tea.
-- The Education of Max Bickford, "The Egg and I"

permlink dianetics store

I was stunned to see that a local mall has a Dianetics storefront. I saw some young folk closing the store for a break, then saw one of the same people elsewhere in the mall a bit later. And you know, you really can't tell just by looking at someone whether or not they're a freaky cult member. People believe all sorts of crap and it just doesn't show on their faces or clothes unless they put it there.

And who rents mall space to wacko cultists? Ick.

Related: The Road to Xenu: A narrative account of life in Scientology (I haven't read the whole thing, but I think I might.) permlink  

permlink tivo update

This review of the new TiVo Series2 [Newsforge] contains many fascinating technical tidbits for people who follow TiVo and/or Linux, including an interview with the 'TiVolutionary' evangelist guy.
Q: One user suggestion I found interesting is the possibility of networking TiVos and coordinating their schedules -- is this something TiVo may do in the future? I could see a house with several TiVos that exchange programs over a LAN as an interesting possibility.
A: Yes. It even has a cool code name, but I'm not ready to leak it, yet. Series|2 TiVos will talk to each other one day, for sure. We will be very careful about protecting the copyrights of others, however. Sharing would only be allowed within a home.

permlink musing

I've fallen out of the habit of posting again, not least because it seems that most everything I find interesting is already posted on other people's sites and commented on intelligently enough that I feel no real urge to present my take on things; it feels like redundant, wasted effort because, well, there it is over there. Go read them.

Then again, it's likely that not everyone who comes by here reads everything I read; only a few fellow surfing-junkie-blognuts do, probably, whereas I know busy people who read very few sites yet make this one of them (thanks, by the way), and I could be hooking them up with interesting stuff but am currently failing to. Bad blogger.

So, redundancy be damned. As Orwell said, "Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious." Guess I'll try to get back to posting some things, even if it's just 'go look what X said about Y, because I think it's interesting'. If you haven't seen it, it's new to you, yes? If you've already seen everything I post about, back away from the keyboard and go outside. permlink  

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