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day permlink Tuesday, 16 April 2002

permlink Onion Personals? Really?

[Found because the brain is optimized to recognize faces and the ads were very loud on the respective pages:]

"Onion Personals" != Onion Personals, just as "Salon Personals" != Salon Personals.

Because Onion != Salon, but Onion Personals == Salon Personals, down to the horoscopes and advice columns.

[poking around...] Hmm. Apparently all these sites pay money to pretend they have personals specific to their site when they're all giving you the same pool of people.

Weird. Lame. permlink     1 comment(s)  
and the same as, ain't it so?
      ...posted by on April 17, 2002 10:38 PM
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permlink Bricklin's Segway review

Dan Bricklin got to ride a Segway for a couple of hours recently. In his (very!) detailed account, he answers many, many questions that I have about it; if you have any curiosity about this, read both of his articles (there's way more interesting stuff to quote, but it wouldn't feel like fair use).

Impressions after riding a Segway HT: Part 1, Part 2: What I Learned []
The Segway is not at all like a bike or a scooter. Those are devices you push, and then operate while coasting, and then use a brake. ... The Segway is just as stable standing still as moving -- there is no need to always keep moving or else put your feet down.

People on the Segways were about as intrusive as someone on crutches or holding a wheeled piece of luggage -- that is, not much at all. ... If you bump into people (we tried it many times) it was no worse than bumping into people as a person.

As a 50-year old, I experienced the Segway as I experienced getting reading glasses: A way to augment my body back to a healthy youth.

Remember, this is just the first general product using some of these technologies. There will be many more. Think of the Segway like the first uses of the microprocessor in a calculator, before the personal computer, PDA, flat panel LCD, DSP, GPS, etc. On my run when I saw a Vespa-like motor scooter putt-putt-putting along, I thought of the abacus.
I cannot wait to check one out. permlink  

permlink TtDB: God-Man, Enron

This week in Washington DC, various rallies were held for both sides of the mideast conflict. There are no new opinions about this to be had; my own derivative position is that all sides are undermining freshly every day whatever rightness they had to begin with.

My uninformed opinion is especially well-summed-up by this item: God-Man in: Wholly Fighting [Tom the Dancing Bug, in Salon] Cease-fire, anyone? Ever? Bueller?

On a separate topic, a different excellent TtDB cartoon from a while back: Ricky and Debbie visit Enron [ditto] permlink  

permlink 6FU quote (Ruth)

Ruth: Robbie, I have to tell you something now.
I do believe I've learned everything I needed to learn from The Plan.
And I no longer feel the urge to speak in building metaphors
Or talk about myself or my feelings in this way
Any longer.
-- Ruth Fisher (Frances Conroy), Six Feet Under, "Back to the Garden"

permlink Six Feet Under titles

Ever wanted to know more about the opening title sequence and music for 'Six Feet Under'? Then this is for you. It's a couple of notches too breathless for my taste, but I guess that's entertainment reporting for you...

'Six Feet Under': Crafting a Gem of a Beginning [Washington Post]
[Composer Thomas Newman] had no idea what the visuals would be, "which is quite unusual. It's hard to imagine what the music will sound like against the images, when you don't know what the images are." ... "When I saw it," said Newman, "I wanted to call them and say 'Thank you!'" ... The imagery not only supports the music, but unfolds along with it in perfect sync. A bouquet wilts as the music seems to sigh. A wheel of the gurney bearing a corpse makes an abrupt turnabout as the music does the same.

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