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day permlink Tuesday, 2 April 2002

permlink misc via whump

Via whump: Towers of Light, 23 March 2002 [Theresa Nielsen Hayden]

Also via whump, an April Fool that made me giggle:

Letters, April 1 2002 [Locus Magazine]
OK, here's the idea. The Left Behind series is about what happens after the Rapture, right, when all the righteous get taken up? And everyone who sticks around gets to have nifty adventures? Well, check this out. In my series, 10 volumes outlined already, all the righteous get taken up, and in their absence the rest of us enact fair tax laws, pass constitutional amendments guaranteeing the rights of women, gays and lesbians, and craft a sane, non-apocalyptic Middle East policy. Plus we get, like, all their cars and stuff. I call it the Left Alone series. I pitched it to Tyndale House, but Jeez Louise, I won't repeat what they said, and them Christians. -- James Morrow

permlink Stardust prints

If I were sitting on a large pile of cash, I would buy these in a flash:

Stardust Print Suite [Charles Vess]
Green Man Press is offering a handsomely produced boxed set of fine art prints from selected Stardust images.

The suite of prints is contained within a sturdy blue leatherette box featuring a silver foil-stamped exterior. Each print sits between individual acid-free tissue sheets...
Stardust is one of my favorite Gaiman books (specifically the illustrated version, not the maimed text-only ones). My favorite image of this bunch is the closing illustration from the book, "The Slow Dance of the Infinite Stars". permlink  

permlink MMII

I'm a couple of years behind the curve on this...

The other day I saw a copyright notice using Roman numerals; it said (obviously) 'MMII'. After 31 years of MCMLXX... and MCMXC..., it's way weird to have a Roman representation be so short. I missed the shortest year in memory because I wasn't paying attention (MM -- just as much meaning as a four-digit year in half the space!). No more: my copyright notices will henceforth be in Roman (see bottom of page).

Even-more-trivial bit: MMV, MMX, MML and MMC are the only remaining three-letter years we have a chance to see in our lifetimes; then MMD and MMM will be the shortest Roman years until V-bar:

How Roman Numerals Work [LURNC]
Putting a bar over the appropriate letter indicates it should be multiplied by 1000. So, for example, "V" with a bar over it would be 5000. This gives letters up to M-bar or 1,000,000 (one million). Unfortunately, barred letters are hard to write in HTML...
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I guess this means you missed M&M's giant "Official Candy of the New Millennium" marketing campaign a couple of years ago. M&M's -- MM -- get it? Ha.
      ...posted by jjg on April 2, 2002 1:43 AM
Ah yes, I vaguely remember. Guess it didn't stick. Mars will just have to try again in MMM.
      ...posted by Steve on April 2, 2002 6:51 AM
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