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day permlink Friday, 15 February 2002

permlink John Q review

There's just something about an intelligently-written negative review that I find immensely satisfying...

'John Q.' Shoots Itself in the Foot [Washington Post]
...if a man goes to a busy emergency room, pulls a gun, takes the place over and demands policy changes or he'll start killing hostages, what would you call him? Why, I believe the answer is: a terrorist.

But ... according to the grotesquely inverted moral compass of "John Q.," here's what we'd call the man: a hero. On top of that, he'd be played by ... that emblem of decency and intelligence, Denzel Washington.

It's as crass and manipulative as a Stalin-era poster, it reduces the complexities to bromides and slogans and it gets so preachy-keen and so tub-thumpingly loud it makes you feel like a chump just for sitting through it. (You don't have to; I took one for the team and already did.)

permlink Sleep 8 hours and die!

How to Take an Interesting but Complicated Result and Oversimplify it into a Short, Alarmist Headline, exhibit 22: Study Links 8 Hours' Sleep to Increased Death [Washington Post] permlink  

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