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day permlink Wednesday, 13 February 2002

permlink segway tradeoffs

Via Flutterby: The Post Office ran the Segway through some tests and has reported the major tradeoffs back to the media:

Scooter Awaits Stamp Of Approval [Tampa Tribune]
* Packing a load of 325 pounds, including the weight of the driver, the transporters allowed carriers to deliver much more mail between trips back to the mail truck.

* Instead of sorting mail as they walked, carriers had to focus on driving.

Carrier Chris Pesa, who works a route north of downtown, at first claimed he could deliver mail faster on foot. That was before he got used to the scooter. "Right now, I'm as fast as the machine." The difference, Pesa said, is the transporter is a lot easier on his feet. "When I was walking, by the end of the week, my feet would really be sore," he said. "Now, it actually feels like I've got a little spring in my step."
Now think if you didn't have mail to sort in the first place; if you were just going somewhere with maybe a small bundle... Once these puppies get cheap, they'll be awfully attractive. permlink  

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