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day permlink Wednesday, 9 January 2002

permlink Monsters outtakes

Pixar has posted two of the Monsters, Inc. outtakes in QuickTime on their servers. Cool. (Haven't gone back to the theater to see them, will probably just rent the DVD someday and see all the extras for cheap). Hey, more outtakes. (Broadband rules.) Oo! They also posted the 'Charades' trailer, which you really have to see. To put it in context, we saw this trailer at the beginning of Harry Potter and the etc. on its opening weekend. Pixar's classy. permlink  

permlink sports != news

I thought this was nicely put: How all the news fit [New Yorker]
[The New York Times] turning sports upside down and slapping it on the back of Metro ... did more than just iron out a production wrinkle. Unintentionally or not, it was also an astute commentary on a long-standing journalistic problem, which is that news about sports is not really news at all -- not, at any rate, in the sense that news about politics, economic and social developments, and international affairs is news. Sports, after all, is essentially a subcategory of the for-profit entertainment industry ... The fact that one set of highly paid entertainers gets more points than another set of highly paid entertainers on a given day, while of surpassing and perfectly legitimate interest to many people, is not of great moment.

permlink twin memories

I found this fascinating: Twice Remembered by Richard Morin [Washington Post]
She frequently found that one twin would interrupt the other and claim ownership of the event being recalled. ... In all, 14 of the 20 sets of twins had at least one disputed memory between them. Sheen says that disputed memories are common among twins because they tend to share so many of the same experiences at exactly the same time in their lives. (In a subsequent study of 69 college students who were not twins, Sheen found that six had a disputed memory with a sibling or close friend.) Does the misremembering twin really believe that his or her memory is the correct one? Apparently. Sheen found that feelings of "ownership" were equally strong among the twins she studied. She said she didn't detect any hesitation or anything else that would suggest which twin was misremembering the event: "The twins got genuinely upset with each other..."
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Being an identical twin, I can relate to this, but in the opposite direction. There are events that I know happened to my twin, but I could swear they happened to me. I will have to ask her about it.
      ...posted by Joni on January 9, 2002 10:02 AM
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