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day permlink Tuesday, 8 January 2002

permlink GayTV?

Hey, there are channels for everyone else on U.S. cable, why not? Gay Network Could Debut Within a Year: Showtime And MTV Would Develop It For Viacom; Others Considering, Too [TV Guide]
An already successful Canadian model exists: PrideVision, which launched last year. According to the marketing publication Brandweek, research suggests that six percent of the adult population, roughly 15 million people, identifies itself as gay or lesbian, with combined annual spending in the $250-$350 billion range. MTV and Showtime are undecided if the proposed gay network will be advertiser-supported like MTV or a commercial-free pay service like Showtime. Some industry observers believe the latter might minimize resistance from anti-gay groups against cable systems that would carry the network as part of a basic cable package.

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