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Wednesday, 26 December 2001

Saw Da Vinci's Notebook at the Birchmere tonight and they were in good form. They even did a few songs I hadn't heard before (I thought "Heather Graham" was filled with especially nice chords).

They're coming back to the Birchmere on April 25th for their so-far-unannounced-on-their-own-website album release party. A CD full of new DVN songs is pretty much a must-buy... may have to go to that. permanent link

You're sitting in your comfort, you don't believe I'm real
You cannot buy protection from the way that I feel

Your progressive hypocrites hand out their trash
But it was mine in the first place so I'll burn it to ash

--"Back in N.Y.C.", Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

(This has been in my head all day, loudly.) permanent link

Tuesday, 25 December 2001

More information on the shoe-bomber:

The bomber from Bromley [The Times]
The man ... is a small-time British criminal who converted to Islam behind bars.

The leader of Brixton Mosque in South London said that Mr Reid was incapable of acting alone and was probably on a test mission for a new terrorist technique...

"He was a testing ground. If he had succeeded they would know this is a mechanism that works. If the plane had exploded there would have been very little trace of how that happened."
Much like some airline accidents we're still not that certain about the causes of? permanent link

Still waiting, still waiting, for the following:

Palm is hard at work on a "carbonized" Mac OS X versions of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager software for release later this year. [uh-huh...]

and Macromedia Fireworks for OS X, which was demoed two Augusts ago.

I'm hoping they'll both come out at MacWorld in January. It would be most excellent to have them. permanent link

Monday, 24 December 2001

What I've Learned: God [Esquire, via Brad]
Say something in a deep, booming voice and people take notice.

Nothing puts fear into a people faster than an overabundance of frogs.

Always start an announcement with the word behold.
permanent link

Joe Jackson is bypassing the music industry and selling a live CD from his latest tour directly to fans through his website.

Reckon I'll buy it, as all my JJ purchases have given me immense satisfaction in the past. I saw a show on this tour, and it was awesome.

Two Rainy Nights:
This "official bootleg" from Joe's last tour will be available exclusively
thru this website when it is released on January 11, 2002. This is not a typical bootleg - it has been professionally recorded and mastered.

This 65-minute CD was recorded in April 2001 in Seattle and Portland ...[i]t features Joe's best-ever touring band and a mix of old songs (including radical reinterpretations of 'Is She Really Going Out With Him' and 'Got The Time', and a revelatory performance of the neglected 'Target' from 'Night and Day') and dynamic live versions of songs from the recent NIGHT AND DAY II (including Allison Cornell's stunning performance of 'Glamour and Pain').
Yeah. Dig it. permanent link

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