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Wednesday, 12 December 2001 : "bickford blues"

So for some reason (probably a sports event of some sort), The Education of Max Bickford was delayed by about 8 minutes Sunday night. We only TiVoed (sp?) the hour that it was supposed to be on, though, so there were only 52 minutes of story.

I'm generally fine with that state of affairs; I'll watch whatever's available even if I can't see the very end. My wife is adamantly the opposite; if the end isn't there, she won't watch any of it.

This time, I'm in grudging agreement with her strategy...I'm quite bugged that the ending was cut off and I couldn't see how it all wrapped up, and I probably would have been happier not seeing any of the episode.

And of course, ...Bickford is not one of the shows that gets the mightybigtv treatment; guess there's not enough of a following. In my opinion it's been a better show than The West Wing this season (no, really), so I'm surprised no one's summarizing it somewhere.

(Aside/example: I still enjoy the reviews/summaries/post-mortems of NYPD Blue written by Amanda Wilson at Alan Sepinwall's site. Fans of Blue should check it out...)

So, all this is to say, did anyone see the end of Max Bickford, and can you tell me via e-mail or the comments section what the heck happened to the disturbed girl and whether or not Nell did run across some sort of proof of Max's affair?

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Yes, I can't stand it when we Tivo something and notice that the last few minutes were cut off. Steve's right -- I will refuse to watch such shows for exactly the reasons he describes here. I'd rather go find a synopsis later and read that, than be left hanging.

However, I'm also the type who's been known to peek at the last page of a book to see if a certain character is still around. AND, I don't, as a general rule, mind spoilers (unless there's a particularly unique and unexpected twist).

I'm sure these things are all connected in some weird-freaky-mind-of-Mrs.NowThis-fashion.

Posted by Mrs. NowThis @ 12/13/2001 08:07AM est

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