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Wednesday, 5 December 2001

'Terrorists have won' declarations make us all losers in the end by Roy Rivenburg [LA Times via Houston Chronicle via RRE]
Who knew that defeating America could be so easy? Maybe the terrorists would have targeted Martha Stewart or Temecula if they had realized such icons were so crucial to U.S. survival.

Jeff Greenfield: "This all started out innocently, even appropriately enough, (that) if we live our lives in fear, then the terrorists have won. But it's since grown to mean just about anything the speaker disagrees with. If we tighten our visa screenings, if we change our immigration laws [etc. ...] I am beginning to think some of us are using this idea to justify just about any kind of behavior at all. If I'm too upset to eat this extra slice of chocolate cake, if I refuse to relax and enjoy myself by watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, why then, the terrorists have won."

The St. Petersburg Times argued that going to the movies doesn't bring the victims of Sept. 11 back to life, nor does staying home somehow help Osama bin Laden. "What if the reason we're staying home is to play with our children because life's too short to waste two hours watching Ben Stiller make fun of male models?" the writer asked. "Just how is that a win for the terrorists? If we get our priorities straight, have the terrorists won?"
A Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon in a similar vein. permanent link

Monday, 3 December 2001

This would be IT/Ginger, then. I'd love to see one in motion...or up close...

Reinventing the Wheel [TIME]

Also from TIME: Nice little Flash-based interactive diagram.

An Inventor Unveils His Mysterious Personal Transportation Device [NY Times] permanent link

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