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Tuesday, 18 December 2001 : "Bricklin on Segway"

Dan Bricklin: Thoughts about the Segway HT: Why it's not just a scooter
[Disruptive technologies'] first incarnations often seem like toys compared to existing technologies.

The Segway takes up about as much area as a person walking, so you can travel in groups much as you would with walking, with all the social advantages. ... Unlike commuting in a car, Segway lets you travel part of the way to a destination with a friend and then go separate ways at the end.

The Segway lets you keep the parking at a distance, but without the concentrated cost of a single people mover. One parking lot could serve multiple destinations, and a single destination could be served by many parking lots.

I hear comments about "what good is it if it doesn't carry anything?", and "I'll get tired of standing up", etc. Well, clearly it will evolve. The Segway web site shows pictures of it holding grocery bags ... their web site says it is designed to pull 300 pounds and I've seen pictures of carts behind one. Don't judge a technology purely by version 1. ... Compare the first Apple II VisiCalc with no commas or dollar signs, equal width columns, upper case only, etc., to Excel even 8 years later. Quite an evolution.

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just a note -- even though you have all kinds of log entries in December, the calendar at right in the archives section only shows today's entry highlighted. I checked it in both Netscape and IE, so it's not just a program glitch at my end. I used to see all the past entries listed just fine...

Posted by rf @ 12/19/2001 03:57PM est

oop, now I see that clicking on "Archives by week" only gives the current week (16-22), so maybe we're living in a newly solopsistic universe. or maybe you're overhauling things...

Posted by rf (again) @ 12/19/2001 03:59PM est

OK, this is weird (and I'm not in the middle of overhauling things, unfortunately).

Not sure what the problem is, but Greymatter only seems to be aware of the last couple of posts. I'll see if I can figure out the problem tonight.

Posted by Steve B. @ 12/19/2001 04:48PM est

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