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Wednesday, 10 October 2001 : "Jessamyn and Greyhound"

I haven't traveled on Greyhound for as long as I can remember; possibly I never have. Jessamyn's experience makes me want to keep it that way:

Greyhound, What Gives?
Not only wasn't my bag checked, no one's bag was checked, no ID was checked and no security other than the bus driver and baggage handler was in evidence. My bags were never inspected and I brought them on and off the bus with me several times. When I was in Cleveland, I checked my bag instead of carrying it and received no claim check and showed neither my ticket nor my identification.

[...] I tell people my bus driver picked up a hitchhiker and they laugh like hell, then they shudder.

[...] p.s. As I searched your website for a mailing address for this letter, I noticed that you have removed all links to information concerning the accident and your response to it, including the information that I read regarding the planned security upgrades. The press release that I had read concerning the accident is not listed in your news section. I find this curious, if not downright deceptive.
Oy. By the way, she's right; as of right now, any information about the recent fatal crash of a Greyhound bus due to a nut with a knife is not immediately evident on the front page or listed in the news release section or in the FAQ. Ummm....hello, corporate web team??

United and American were (and are) both better than this.

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