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Monday, 8 October 2001 : "More headlines"

AOLTimeWarner and others are blaming the attacks for their poor financial results, even when it stretches credulity:

Terrorist Attacks Can't Be Blamed For Everything
Every spin doctor and special pleader has figured out that the "Osama Excuse" is the mother of all alibis. Not since "the dog ate my homework" have so many corporations and politicians used the same, lame excuse. // Bad profits? Blame bin Laden.

Washington is wallowing in Osama excuses, which have been trotted out to justify giving federal loan guarantees to car rental companies, restoring tax write-offs for three-martini lunches and even offering new tax deductions for Broadway theater tickets. // Wall Street is just as eager to blame bin Laden. Since AOL Time Warner's initial invocation, software makers, health care providers, rent-a-car companies and a big supermarket chain all have lined up daily to lament that the terrorists have taken bites out of their business.

Probably good news: Pakistan's Leader Purges Top Ranks Of Military, Spy Services
Musharraf's sudden overhaul ... was intended to rid his security agencies of top officers unwilling to abandon their support of militant Islamic groups and to prevent them from undercutting orders to sever Pakistan's ties with the Taliban, the sources said.

[T]wo hard-line officers who have resisted Musharraf's demands for compliance with U.S. requests to attack the Taliban -- intelligence chief Ahmad and the Army deputy chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Muzzaffer Usami -- privately submitted "premature retirements," according to military officials.

United Airlines Restricts Number of Carry-Ons [to 1]

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