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7 November 2000
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit
-- McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) in Airplane!

Brought to you by Big Time brand beer: So despite my earlier vow to not vote for Al Gore (largely because of his supremely ugly win over Bill Bradley), I was forced to conclude that as undeserving as Gore is of the presidency, the prospect of contributing to a victory by George W. Bush is just utterly nauseating to me, so I held my nose for Gore. Yecch.

I'm not really for any of the yahoos running. I'm with Nader on some issues, with Browne on some, with Gore on a couple, and with Bush on... no policies of his that spring to mind. So I voted to avoid the worst, is all.

My original prediction was, Bush loses big. Not real confident in that outcome today... On the bright side, maybe a Bush win would prompt me to get more involved with actually being an activist about things I care about instead of just jabbering on a website. Who knows.

I'll be watching election stuff all evening/night, probably, just to see how bad it's going to be.

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