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31 January 2000

Here's my impression of the Democratic presidential race as it stands now...

Gore: My opponent's plan includes provisions for federal agents to break into your homes, steal your children and eat them. Also, they will kick your pets when you're not looking.
Bradley: The things you say are obviously not true, and you must be aware of that. Why are you lying?
Gore: I'm saddened by the personal nature of your negative attacks, Bill.

Bradley: AP AdWatch, the Washington Post, and the Des Moines Register all state that your campaign is spreading untrue information about my plans. What do you have to say about that?
Gore: You are so negative. How do you live with yourself?
(also known as the Pee-Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I?" defense)

Even though Gore's positions are ostensibly just like Bradley's, the man has tossed aside any semblance of integrity and there's no way in hell I will vote for Gore in the fall.

Not that I'm going to vote Republican, necessarily, especially if it's not McCain. I may pick a third party (though certainly NOT the "Reform" Party) and vote for them. Or write in Bradley. Or McCain. Who knows. Regardless, I will vote, if only to help combat the perception that either Bush or Gore fooled a true majority into voting for them.

Vote Bradley. Vote McCain. Either is better than both of the front-runners.

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