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12 April 2000

Now, This: ArrowPost: Interesting, but..., by me. matter how many times they say otherwise, you can't be sure that Jeffy in the back room isn't reading all your private e-mail.

Now that's an impassioned rant:

  • Here We Go Again [Web Standards Project]
    Microsoft claims, wearing a straight face, that delivering "most" of a given standard does the job. Wrong! Putting up "most" of a fence does not protect your privacy. Putting up "most" of a firewall doesn't keep the crackers out. We, the people who build real Web sites for real customers, need complete implementations of basic standards...

    Microsoft claims that finishing HTML 4.0 and CSS-1 would be too difficult. Well gosh, boys, we know those option upsides aren't what they used to be, and it does rain a lot up there, but somehow you managed to do the job on the Mac.

Oh, yeah.

Wow, The Daily Show is back from vacation in fine form. Their too-rare segment Even Stephen is always a masterful jab at the talking-head shows I find myself strangely addicted to during presidential campaigns, and they took on the Florida-kidnaps-Elian thing last night in a rather different and refreshing manner.

Jon Stewart's even funnier than usual (I think it's because the writers got a breather). Good stuff. Comedy Central, 10pm Central Monday through Thursday. Tonight, Patrick Stewart and Lewis Black. Woo! : unclaimed.

Seen on Ghost in the Machine:
Coming in 2001:
Frank Miller.
Lynn Varley. (not mentioned, but come on...)
The Dark Knight Returns ... sequel.

Plus, more Miller Daredevil!

And The Onion presents:

  • Personal-Safety Tips
    According to the NRA, the best form of personal protection is to be in possession of a loaded firearm at all times. To ensure your personal safety, stay the hell away from NRA members.

You know those bumper stickers that say "I'm the NRA"? I tend to avoid driving near those cars.

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