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6 April 2000

Pale as a candle and your face is hot
And if I touch you I might get what you've got

Seem to me
Like a man
On the verge of burning
-- "99.9 Fo", Suzanne Vega, 99.9 Fo (1992)

Thanks to Judy Hempel aka judygod and reader Pete J. for the information that "brightly, brightly and with beauty" is in fact from Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. It describes how Martians (and Michael Valentine Smith) strive to live their lives.

I can now properly credit the source (as a long time ago I worked it into a poem of mine).

The Internet is cool.

Nothin' much I feel like posting today, so you get two quotes...

Now you want to go skiing in Aspen
But you're ashamed of your equipment

And you're dying for a fairy-tale romance
But you're not that good at commitment

When you feel like Woody Allen for the dialogue
But you prefer Tarantino's vision
Holding up the ticket line is not the time --
Not the time to make this decision
-- "You Can't Be Too Careful", Moxy Früvous, Thornhill (1999)

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