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4 April 2000

Does anybody out there know where the phrase "brightly, brightly, and with beauty" came from? It stuck in my head a long time ago but I've forgotten the source. I'm fairly certain it had to do with a musical performance... Please, help me...

It was a bit annoying for the Oscar folk to not include DeForest Kelley in their montage of movie folk who passed away in the last year. He was in plenty of movies and was loved by many.

The "He's dead, Jim" jokes in this piece are in questionable taste in the first place, but Steve Ryfle uses them (and other lame ST references) like a club anyway:

  • He's Dead, Jim (and Members of the Academy)! []
    ..."somebody must've forgotten" the sci-fi icon.

    On Wednesday, Jane Labonte, another Academy spokesperson, was equally devoid of knowledge and an explanation, saying the memorial montage is put together by a free-lance production team which, now that the festivities are over, has disbanded for the year.

I'm probably not going to be able to use the phrase 'sixth sense' for another year or so without worrying that someone's going to think I'm trying to be funny by making a pop culture reference.

Really, I'm not.

The warped reality of U.S.-Cuban politics:

  • Freedom for All Cubans by Jon Carroll [SF Gate, seen on rc3]
    Gore supports Elian's father coming to America to live. ... Here is where Gore failed to follow through. Why not invite all Cubans? Do we not love freedom? Do we not ache for the ordinary citizens under the tyrannical thumb of you-know-who? Are these not special people, these Cubans, for whom we have invented a separate foreign policy?

    I am currently harboring a boy from France. France is filled with socialists and crippling labor strikes. His parents want him back, but I support the right of the French people to shake off the bonds of tyranny and live in a culture free from heathen cheese worship.

    The INS is being narrow. It says the French parents have a right to raise a French child in France. How stupid! I give my French boy 19 presents every day and he really loves America and freedom. Al! Come help!

A fortune cookie I had yesterday:

'You are the controller of your destiny'

Must have come from the 'non-advice advice' pile...

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