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17 November 1999

...the vast majority of entertainment "coverage" consists of vampirism, in which media outlets attempt to borrow the fame of celebrities without expressing an opinion on the worth of their work. There is more coverage of a major movie BEFORE it has been seen than after.
-- Roger Ebert

Another don't-miss instant Onion classic (from last week...yeah, I'm behind):

  • New Study Too Frightening To Release [The Onion]
    "I'm not talking about it, and you won't find anyone who will," said 19-year-old Stanford sophomore Craig Blom, who, while working as a part-time lab assistant, saw nothing more than labels on the spines of three-ring binders. "But I'm taking the uncircumcised members of my family and moving to Fiji first thing tomorrow. And I'm not taking my phone or anything made of polystyrene. Or the cat. Definitely not the cat."

Also, the chart at the bottom is priceless.

Mozilla milestone release 11 just showed up (8 milestones left!). I'll try it sometime soon. M10 was functional for me but I've stuck with IE 4.5 for now.

Remember, it's still pre-alpha software, so don't expect too much polish or stability yet. I'm liking the progress I see, though.

I do agree with the folks who are calling for a Mozilla Lite. I'd love to have a standards-compliant browser that's just a browser -- no e-mail, no fancy sidebar, no HTML editor, just a dang browser. My impression is that Mozilla might be customizable enough to achieve that locally without much trouble, but I could be wrong and it might take some ambitious coders. I'm sure somebody will do it once Mozilla 1.0 comes out, though; I've seen too many skilled people express a desire for it for someone not to decide to do it.

(If I were a C programmer and had time to spare for more non-$$ projects, I'd love to help out with Mozilla. Not there yet though.)

Now that he has a book to push, George W. Bush has finally deigned to be interviewed. He'll be on 20/20 tonight:

  • George Bush Makes his Case [ABC News]
    In the interview, Bush also talks about his past use of alcohol and the rumors of past drug abuse. In addressing the issue of alcohol he says the problem has been conquered.

Also, he's supposed to be on one of the Sunday shows this week -- 'Meet the Press', I think.

Hey, whoa, nobody's mentioned that Dr. Fun is back! One of the original internet-only cartoons, back from an extended hiatus (you think I take long breaks...). Humor on the strange and twisted side.

A couple of samples:

Camille Paglia gets tiresome quickly. She seems to have a particular contempt for both Gwyneth Paltrow and John McCain, and her problems with both seem to boil down to not liking their looks. McCain is 'proto-fascist' because he has 'weirdly wary and over-intense eyes' and a 'clenched, humorless jaw line'? Ooh, insightful.

Big big thanks to Jason Kottke for the heads-up on the Iron Giant DVD. Sure, you can pre-order it now from anywhere, but only will include an animation cel for a couple more bucks.

I ordered mine immediately. Excellent movie.

Ack...not only is there a George W. Bush store, but they sell George W. Bush bottled water.


An appropriate metaphor is left as an exercise for the reader.

Transmeta (the mysterious company Linus Torvalds went to work for) has finally updated its web site with clues to what it's up to.

Minor quibble with various coverage I've seen: Honestly, when you have a secretive company providing only a trickle of information to the tech world, can you in good conscience say that a message embedded in their web page's source code is a secret message?

It's the first place you look!

P.S. the 'glass is too big' quote from yesterday was apparently cribbed from George Carlin.

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