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15 November 1999

Wish there was a place you could see which weblogs were updated recently?

Wish you could get a quick, compact overview of the day's headlines from major news feeds as well as Salon & Wired?

Check out Linkwatcher. It's jumped to the top of my list of sites to check multiple times a day.

I got tired of waiting for to come out with a version of the RC5 key-cracking client that doesn't cause instability on MacOS 8.6 (c'mon, they've already released the next OS version, even), so a month or so ago I started giving my computer's off-duty hours to the SETI@Home project. Details at No stability problems, and it acts as a funky screen saver to boot.

On Rebecca's Pocket: the international symbol for job distress...

You'd think Compaq wouldn't want to name their new low-end computer like it was a knockoff of a certain other company's successful low-end computer. Because, you know, it would make them look unoriginal and generally sad. I certainly didn't expect them to do such a thing, but:

"Compaq: Only as different as we have to be"

I'm behind on a big project, so even though I've got a folder overflowing with links and a family-size assortment of opinions to cast on the waters, that's all for today. More late in the week.

Personally, I prefer a third interpretation, "the glass is too big."
-- A Slashdot poster named Straz (possibly not original...)

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