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1 December 1999
Day Without Weblogs

Day Without Weblogs - What and Why

World AIDS Day -- "...a time to focus attention and provoke discussion on AIDS issues."

Brad Graham's DWW story: A Memory of Duane Puryear

Interesting links from Genehack on the state of AIDS research

A good FAQ about HIV/AIDS from Planned Parenthood (Little-known fact: In addition to the other work it does, Planned Parenthood also provides STD and HIV testing for men)

Connections between AIDS, STDs and tuberculosis [CDC]

Local notes:

Expect some updates in the next few days; I have a bunch of stuff waiting to post, I just need to fit it in to my schedule.

The project's going fine now (and what a difference that makes on one's outlook!). Still a week left of potentially nasty hours, but it feels under control (for now, anyway).

I'll be doing some minor design improvements around here once I get some time, too.

Eventually I want to have polls of the audience (that's you) but I'm not willing to use one of the free services -- not because I don't like them, but because I want to add polling capability to my own all-purpose CGI tool. Using someone else's will give me a reason to procrastinate on my own programming, and I won't do that. Must Eat Own Dogfood!

Back soon.

The ironic part is, most days lately are Days Without (this) Weblog...

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