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2 July 1999

Newsvendor: How about you? I see the the world didn't end yesterday.
Kovacs: Are you sure?
-- Watchmen #3 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Great, like I didn't have enough worries. Now the world's going to end Sunday:

  • World to end next week! [Telegraph, seen on jjg]
    (Nostradamus:) "In the year nineteen hundred and ninety nine, seven months, from the sky will come a great King of Terror. He will resurrect the great King of Angolmois. Before and afterwards Mars reigns happily."

    or not:

    To interpret the King of Terror quatrain Lemesurier has gone back to the original text of 1555 and discovered that it actually refers to "roy deffraieur" (an appeaser king). In subsequent corrupt editions, after the death of Nostradamus, the word acquired an apostrophe to become "roy d'effraieur" (king of terror).

"Appeaser king?" Maybe Clinton? Gore? Blair? Yeltsin? Yeltsin's successor?

Dang, and I really wanted to see NYPD Blue's next season...

I stumbled on some interesting axioms for investors:

  • Troutman's Axioms [Defender Capital Management]
    Axioms are fun but useless until you learn them through your own experience.

    Never sneer at a losing trader. You are never safe enough from losses of your own to justify that kind of behavior.

    If you are going to trade so that you can run away from your life or yourself, you are still going to find yourself right there next to you when you are trading, living that same old life. Successful or not, you will not be happy, because YOU will still be there. If you need to fix something, then fix it -- don't trade instead. If you want to trade, then trade.

Personally, I find that I'm just not that interested in trading. So I probably won't.

Here's a lovely Dilbert to close out my time at Olin, on how computing people are viewed by some:

  • 20 June 1999 Dilbert [United Media] (link will expire after another week or so)
    Catbert: He's never been an engineer before // But you're an engineer, so how hard could it be?

Gotta go to that last day of work... See you on the 6th. Assuming we're all still here.

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