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28 June 1999

Standing in the middle of nowhere
Wondering how to begin
-- "Do It Again", The Kinks

I'm looking for an ISP (since Southwestern Bell hasn't yet made DSL available where I am). Does anyone have relevant praise or complaints about Earthlink, Mindspring, and/or Inlink? Let me know...

The US Post Office has an official response to the scurrilous rumor (marked 'send this to everyone you know!', of course) about them trying to charge 5 cents for every e-mail sent:

  • Release No. 45 E-MAIL RUMOR COMPLETELY UNTRUE [USPS, seen on MacInTouch]
    No such proposed legislation exists. In fact, no "Congressman Schnell" exists.

    The U.S. Postal Service has no authority to surcharge e-mail messages sent over the Internet, nor would it support such legislation.

When I got that e-mail recently I did track it down to the point of finding that it originally referred to the Canadian Post rather than the US Post Office, but I didn't pursue it further. Apparently it's equally false regarding Canada.

TIME says the South Park movie is Sick and Inspired.

Gotta run. More tomorrow.

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