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29 June 1999

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking.
-- Alfred North Whitehead

In the dictionary under 'irony': The New York Daily News reports on a horribly-produced graduation program, but their own article is riddled with errors. Leaving aside grammar issues, here are the ones I found:

  • Misspellings Fill Grad Program [NY Daily News, seen on Flutterby]
    One students last name was spelled two ways.

    District superintendant Mary Rivera, who is being ousted in the schools shakeup, said ...

    Rivera has done a good job, said one parent, Anthony Robles, whose daughter, Denise, 14, graduated from eighth grade yesterday. He said Crews district overhaul was a mistake.

    Some 38% of the districts fourth-graders scored at the lowest level on the state English test.

    The district's 19,418 students have not been served well. Bronx politicians have used the district as a patronage mill, according to critics, and Crew suspended the districts board members three years ago after they tried to name the principal of a failing Manhattan school as superintendent.

    "We just worked to redesign this school, and now hes taking it over," said Lenora Hogaboom, a 15-year veteran teacher, standing outside CS 66 yesterday.

This should bother somebody.

Brandin', brandin', brandin': Nestle is renaming Quik to be NesQuik; I suppose one non-word is as good as another. In our house it was always 'bunny milk', anyway.

I'm way behind on other things, so probably no update tomorrow.

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