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19 May 1999

There's no one left alive
It must be a draw
-- "The Battle of Epping Forest", Genesis, Selling England by the Pound

I don't watch Leno much, but in the last couple of weeks I've caught pieces of his show a few times. What's the deal with this stupid, stupid pro wrestling bit he's doing?

Goldberg (?) came on the show and "challenged" some guy named Hart, then last night Hart "muscled his way onto the set" and answered the challenge. The whole thing was clearly (and poorly) staged -- hey, if nobody knew Hart was coming, how did he have a video clip to show (and why did the Tonight Show staff cooperate)?

The Larry Sanders Show made it clear that that sort of unpredictable crap either doesn't happen or wouldn't make it on the air if it did. This is all for show.

Let's see, we need more promotion of: extremely public grudges, threats of violence to wrestlers' family members and acquaintances (in passing one night on [I think] WCW, I saw a camera crew follow 'The Undertaker' to an opponent's house where he made threats against the guy's family unless he'd meet in the ring or some BS like that) and actual combat which would cause serious damage to a person unless they were an expert at faking it. Talk about behaviors we don't want people to model...

If these things were going on for real, most of these fine human beings would have restraining orders slapped on them or be arrested. Plus there would be some serious injuries or deaths in the sport, wouldn't there?

Supposedly they'll wrestle each other on the Tonight Show next week. I know I won't be watching.

Leno seems like a nice enough guy, but he's going way out of his way to insult his audience's intelligence.

At the other end of the late night comedy spectrum, The Daily Show keeps getting better; their writers go for the obscure but brilliant-if-you-get-'em gags more often than most other shows on television (with the exception of Matt Groening's shows...raise your hand if you got the Homer/Rashomon one-liner Sunday).

I always look forward to Lewis Black's commentary in particular, though it's unpredictable which night he'll be on in any given week, so I can't help there.

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