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28 May 1999

(on the illogic of having Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello appear as their current selves in a 1969-based Austin Powers II scene:)

"Basil Exposition, Michael York's character, looks at me and says 'Austin, I suggest you don't worry about these things and just enjoy yourself.' And then he turns right to the camera and says 'And that goes for you all, too.'"
-- Mike Myers, in the surprisingly good June 1999 'humor' issue of GQ (which I never buy) (except for this one time)

Everybody's pointing to this one today, but that's because it's extra good and it focuses on 'us' (when was there suddenly an 'us', anyway?). Scott Rosenberg gives web logs the meta treatment:

  • Fear of links [Salon]
    Weblogs, typically, are personal Web sites operated by individuals who compile chronological lists of links to stuff that interests them, interspersed with information, editorializing and personal asides. A good weblog is updated often...

    More fleshed out than a simple link list but less introspective than an online diary, a good weblog is also a window onto the mind and daily life of its creator.

Thankfully, there's only a little hyperbole in this one ("a new breed of personal journalism"?).

No more TV: Season's over. Sweet relief! The scheduling of several hours a week to see the little good TV there is can now give way to...unstructured play time! Or, more likely, do a better job at everything else I've been neglecting!

Adieu to Homicide (and thanks to Windowseat for dedicated coverage of The End), and auf weidersehen to Ally McBeal, Futurama, NYPD Blue, and the Simpsons. Daily Show, South Park and This Week, you're my only remaining addictions...

Corporate logic in action:

  • Source: HP's lack of scanner support for Macs 'ironic' [MacCentral]
    Baffling as it is, Hewlett Packard says its scanners won't support any Macs released after 1998, including the Blue G3s, or the upcoming Mac OS X. A HP employee who asked to remain anonymous says this is "very ironic, especially given that HP uses Macintosh to aid in marketing these very same scanners."

    Following are examples of some flagship HP products whose product sheets were created on Macs...

    "By the way, did I mention the HP Web site is also produced on a Mac?"

June 30. June 30. June 30. (is my last day at work...)

Got my business cards made.

Got a postal box for business purposes.

Going to get a business license from the City of St. Louis today... ($150 a year to do any sort of business within the city limits, including being self-employed? Go ahead, St. Louis City, wonder why people move away...)

Got the Home Occupancy Waiver signed which lets me make my living out of my home, which is necessary for the business license.

Met with an accountant, hashed out tax issues.

Already working on one client project, with several more good possibilities lined up.

Before I hand out the business cards, though:
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