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17 May 1999

"No additives in our tobacco does NOT mean a safer cigarette."
-- Truth in advertising from Winston cigarettes.

Should I be flattered or embarrassed?: Inexplicably, somehow I ended up on The Drudge Retort's list of links, near the top of the second column even.

It puts me with some odd company (in fact, few other web-loggers are in the list), but hey, at least I get to be right next to Carl Steadman...

I'm not familiar with their site; are the links to things the authors consider lame, or are they to things they consider worth reading?

Seen on RobotWisdom, this sort of thing is what I'm counting on as I leave my job to become a solo web worker:

  • Webster boutiques [Forbes]
    Another firm in New York ... flourishes by hiring multitalented Websters -- such as those who can both design pages and write code. Laurence Holt, 34, a red-haired, pony-tailed Brit who founded the firm, says the more skills each team member has, the fewer people a project requires; that means fewer snafus and delays...

    Holt's firm sent in five consultants, each with expertise in interface design, systems architecture, programming languages and testing. At each phase, workers transitioned into a new role. Designers became programmers. Developers became testers. That way, the programmer knows what the designer had in mind -- they are one and the same.

Oh, did I just say I'm leaving my job? Ayup. I'll be writing something big about it later, but the highlights are: it was entirely my choice to leave; my last day is (likely) June 30; and I plan to make my living as a self-employed web designer/programmer/analyst. I believe I'll be orders of magnitude happier that way, and isn't that a good enough reason?

Since I'll be doing web work all day anyway, it may well mean I'll have more attention to devote to writing the things I wish I had time to write (off the clock, of course), which will mean more and/or better NowThis content for you, the hungry log consumer.

Until then, though, I'm darn busy finishing up one job and trying to establish myself in another, so expect the same fairly lame random update schedule for a while longer.

Oh, and if you know of some contract web work that needs doing later this year... well, you know. :)

Out of time. Gotta go. See you soon.

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