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One weblog I have specifically admired in the last year and want to follow in the footsteps of is Brent Simmons'

Specifically, his habit of writing out software-development diary entries discussing what decisions he is facing and either how he is solving it or what he is stuck on (and then his readers will often jump in with useful advice on Twitter & elsewhere.)

One big example is his Vesper Sync Diary series. There are others too -- this is a Google search of his site for 'diary'.

I have a lot of posts along that line I could make about a tool I made and released last year: SankeyMATIC, "a Sankey diagram builder for everyone".

It really deserved several blog posts here but never got any; I plan to remedy that and pick back up the thread of its development, as there are several improvements left to make before I can consider it properly done.

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