Juicy links; Sad news

Born blog-ranter Steve Yegge, a Googler for the last 6 years, recently laid into his employer in a lengthy, fascinating post which was apparently not intended for public consumption. It's in the wild, though, so everyone can see it now.

Fascinating reading if you work on software. Quoth Medley after reading it, "Now I need a cigarette..."

Found this linked a few places today, and if you care about interfaces and communicating complexity (like I do), then it's a fascinating read.

The toy example itself isn't important at all, but the approach is.

In sad news, Dennis Ritchie, inventor of C, has died. His death coming close to Steve Jobs' means that some people are already straining to weigh the contributions of the two against each other, as though it is a contest.

Really people, they can both be titans in their own way. It's OK.

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