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day permlink Friday, 14 November 2008

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Some tech links I don't want to lose:

Can't really improve on Andrew Sullivan's sum-up of this:

The Reddest State
So red that schoolkids chant "Assassinate Obama!" on the school bus.

Really like this quote from someone I don't know who used my I Voted button.. it's in the context of a writing workshop where everyone was given the same beginning sentences:

Sexual Tension - it's not the sex [Terry Odell]

...the fun came as everyone shared their brief paragraphs, because no two people wrote the same basic follow up. This goes back to each of us having a unique voice. Some went with the romantic liaison, some with the woman seducing the man, others with her being captive. Or accepting a dare to appear in his chamber. Even given the same plot, we'd all write different books – but that's a digression.

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