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day permlink Sunday, 20 July 2008

permlink Now, This: Marcus!

Hey, we have a son!

I've been derelict in my duties not only as a proud husband & dad, but as one of the Really Early Webloggers, so here's a catchup post. Outsourcing the basics to mama Medley's own post from one week in:

Our son Marcus was born June 19, 2008. We are terrifically happy and impressed with him and feeling very fortunate.

Stats: 9 pounds 8 ounces; 20.75 inches long; full head of darkish hair; 15+centimeter head size; Mama's nose, Daddy's fingers, mouth, and ears; Grandfather's feet.

Short version of birth story: Tried to induce twice (he was post-dates and a large baby), after 24 hours of nothing much happening in second attempt, decided to do a c-section to avoid a 3 or 4 day-long painful induction that would likely result in a c-section anyway. Apgars of 8,9; handed to Daddy very quickly after he was born. No complications so far for me from the surgery. *knock wood*

Behaviors: Eats, pees, poos as expected -- seems to be doing fine with breastfeeding so far. Exhibits practice smiles that are charming. When awake/alert studies things and faces very intently and listens closely so that he always knows where Daddy is in the house. Sleeps very well so far *knock wood* again. Sweet-tempered and mellow.

He's now a month old, and he still changes every day. Like, say, his sleeping and feeding patterns. :)

Here are some of the pics so far that I really like from his Month 1 flickr set, mostly taken by Lyn:

Marcus with Mama Marcus' Brief Illicit Tummy Snooze Me & Marcus looking at each other in a mirror Marcus: Rookie of the Year Marcus & Dad

As Brad noted, he already has more hair than Brad & I put together.

Still feeling wonderfully fortunate at all that has gone right.

Still looking forward to a getting a smile that isn't digestion-related.

He's growing plenty fast (around 12 pounds now...), and already has very strong legs, which he loves to demonstrate by not letting me bend them when I'm changing him (I think I passed my 200th diaper change this weekend. Not that I'm keeping track. :) ).

Speaking of which, this experience is definitely exposing me to more kinds of products and issues that I was blissfully neutral and/or ignorant regarding before. Like diaper technology. But, that's another post.

So, a belated bloggy welcome to little Marcus. You can follow some of his exploits on Twitter (he's been posting since he was in the womb).

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Congratulations, Dad! Welcome to the world of fatherhood!

I only have two pieces of advice, both given to me before the birth of our daughter.

  1. Change the first diaper. Embrace the responsibilities that you can help with. It looks like you've already done that. :-)
  2. Enjoy every stage. The days are long and the years are short. You'll never be able to remember, videotape, or photograph all the wonderful and exciting things that will happen. Just smile and relish every moment. You won't remember every amazing event, but you'll remember the joy.

Congratulations again!

      ...posted by Jon Krivitzky on July 21, 2008 11:47 AM
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