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day permlink Tuesday, 5 February 2008

permlink super tuesday. get off my lawn.

This is a day full of primaries that actually matter, and I'm stuck in a place with CNN on the tube.

I avoid CNN like the plague in general, but I don't have a choice here.

So the level of stupid, predictable, empty-headed anchor and guest blather is exactly what I expected it might be, and my goodness a little goes a long way.

I used to watch the Sunday interview shows a lot (some in high school, a lot in college and after), until it finally became clear how much they are about the "journalists", their narcissism and the storylines they want to peddle rather than the search for any genuinely interesting information or the questioning of truly dubious statements.

I miss David Brinkley. Dude, in hindsight, you were The Man.

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