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day permlink Thursday, 21 December 2006

permlink This won't last long... Deathly Hallows references on standard web pages!
Why not? Because the title of the last Harry Potter novel is: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

My first thought when I saw that result was, "Google indexing latency: still greater than 0." But.. there is at least that reference to a news article riffing on the title...

And then I checked Google Blog Search:

google blog search...3063 Deathly Hallows references!

3063 weblog references to the title already! (Whew...)

What I learned today:

  • Google indexing latency is actually pretty low, which you'd expect. But...
  • Weblogs are not "standard web pages". At least, not until they've been around a bit. Avid search-engine-watchers probably already knew this, but it was news to me.

Don't you kind of expect, if a search term is already on 3000 blogs, that something would show up on the Google front page when you search for it?

When I finished this post, the blog-search count was already up to 3208. Bloggers really, really care about Harry Potter.

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