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day permlink Wednesday, 27 July 2005

permlink McCullough

On July 14th, we went downtown to see author David McCullough (Truman, 1776...) speak . (Medley's writeup here.)

He had plenty of interesting advice, including what got him started writing his first book on the Johnstown Flood, since no reference pulled together all the information he wanted in an interesting way:

Write the books you want to read.

I hear echoes of 'Be the Media' in that...

He also told a funny story about the day he learned he won the Pulitzer, which also happened to be his wife Rosalee's birthday. He got many calls from many media outlets throughout the day, then during a lull they had dinner.

The phone rang while they were eating, his wife answered and told him it was ____ ____ from the Christian Science Monitor asking for him.

He picked up the phone and heard, "This is ____ ____ from the Christian Science Monitor, and we're calling to see if you'd like to extend your subscription today."

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