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day permlink Thursday, 18 March 2004

permlink Once in a Blue Moon

Once every once in a while
Something comes along that feels just right
Once every once in a while
Just like switching on an electric light
And sometimes you try till you're blue in the face
But when you get that feeling
Nothing's going to take its place

Once in a blue moon
Someone like you comes along
-- Van Morrison, "Once in a Blue Moon", What's Wrong With This Picture, 2003

I first encountered this track on a PASTE Magazine sampler disc, and gave it a couple of extra listens since it was Van Morrison. I liked it, it was catchy (about 90% as catchy as Domino, i.e. darned catchy), the lyrics were cool, his reading of them is fun, hey, I might buy the album. I still haven't, but I probably will shortly.

I was very surprised to hear it playing in a restaurant a couple of days ago. Somehow the track has made it into the commercial arena where I didn't expect any new Van Morrison, let alone anything spotlighted in the still-too-obscure PASTE, to penetrate.

Good for him. permlink  

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