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day permlink Wednesday, 18 February 2004

permlink Angel gone?!

This is pretty damned annoying, even moreso because it's such a surprise:

Angel to End After 5 Seasons [FilmForce]
Observers have already noted the strange timing of WB's announcement, coming within a week of the highly promoted 100th episode of the series and late on the Friday of a 3-day weekend, resulting in little press coverage...
They also quote a forum post from series creator Joss Whedon:
"No, we had no idea this was coming.
Yes, we will finish out the season.
No, I don't think the WB is doing the right thing.
Yes, I'm grateful they did it early enough for my people to find other jobs.

I've never made mainstream TV very well. I like surprises, and TV isn't about surprises, unless the surprise is who gets voted off of something. I've been lucky to sneak this strange, strange show over the airwaves for as long as I have. I don't FEEL lucky, but I understand that I am.

...Remember the words of the poet:

"Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I took the road less traveled by
I totally shoulda took the road
that had all those people on it.
Ed has also apparently gone byebye without it even being announced properly, which is a damn shame. If people's idea of a Stuckeyville series as a replacement could happen, I'd be mighty happy, but I'm pessimistic.

Let's see, what's left to watch - not much aside from Good Eats. West Wing's been very uneven this year, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy conflict... I enjoy Scrubs more than I do Friends or Frasier (both of which are gone in any case). But that's not that much TV at all, and it's easily TiVo-shifted to whenever I get around to it.

Hey, maybe I'll spend more time doing stuff instead of watching entertaining images and sounds! Maybe. permlink     4 comment(s)  
it may sound wacky, but you might try 'Joan of Arcadia.' it manages to have some meat without being all treacly ala the nightmarish Touched by an Angel, and not at all preachy, but a nice family that you enjoy seeing wrestle with their lives, and a lot of creative writing and gentle laughter worthy of the light moments of Buffy. give it two episodes and see if you're not hooked . . .
      ...posted by acm on February 18, 2004 9:54 AM
I've heard decent things about Joan of Arcadia, Gilmore Girls and Everwood. Maybe I'll be up for starting a new show in the fall, but for now I'm going to restrict my intake of new TV series.

& maybe even read more books.
      ...posted by Steve B on February 18, 2004 11:09 AM
books?? you crazy-man. go! go!!
      ...posted by acm on February 18, 2004 6:32 PM
That is horible news!!!
      ...posted by Steve on February 18, 2004 7:23 PM
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